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Is your copy tired and in need of freshening up?

Is it failing to gain traction with your audience and convert?

If you’re not happy with something you’ve written, send it through to me. I have plenty of experience reshaping and revitalising content. I’ll sense-check and revise it for you so that it’s fit for purpose and captures the attention of your audience.

Let me ask you this…

  • Is your copy struggling to win over readers, or drive up donations?
  • Is it error-strewn, confused or difficult to follow?
  • Do you simply lack the time to review and improve it?

Imagine how this would feel…

  • To publish digestible content that quickly connects with your audience.
  • To produce copy that is accurate, clear and on brand.
  • To generate content that increases traffic to your website and strengthens engagement with your cause.


When you’re a new charity, there’s so much you want to say – about your organisation, about your cause and why it matters.

Unfortunately, if what you’re saying is hard to digest or if it’s difficult to follow, people lose interest.

If you feel your content is too dense or littered with errors, please get in touch. I am an experienced and confident copyeditor with a proven track record of transforming dull and difficult text into clear and compelling copy that connects.

Why copyediting works



I can improve the readability and flow of your content by tracking down and revising clumsy and awkward sentences or phrases, identifying ambiguities and removing duplication.

Do you know what you want to say but are you struggling to get it down coherently?

Are you finding it hard to get your copy to flow and make sense?

By revising and restructuring your copy, your message, your story and your voice will become clearer and your connection to your audience will grow stronger. I can revive your content and let your readers know exactly what you want them to hear.

Copy auditing service



Errors speak louder than words. I can strengthen the accuracy of your content, by eliminating off-putting errors.

Are you creating and pushing out content in a hurry?

Do you sometimes lack the time to check it through thoroughly before publishing it?

A fresh pair of eyes can help to spot mistakes that you may have missed and by eradicating these errors, you’ll hold the respect of your readers as well as their attention. Handing your copy to me will leave you with time to focus on what you do best – running your charity.

Copy auditing service



Errors can break the trust of your reader and lead them to question your credibility and integrity. The details matter. The facts need to be accurate. I can protect your integrity and reputation by fact-checking material.

Fact-checking is time-consuming. It doesn’t just involve a quick search on Google. Each fact needs to be independently verified with more than one unconnected source. If you don’t have the time to spend doing this – don’t assume it doesn’t matter.

One wrong fact and you can lose readers, potential donors or stakeholders. I can spend the time you don’t have ensuring your facts and claims are accurate and substantiated.

Protect your reputation and solidify your integrity, by outsourcing your copyediting. It’ll be worth it.

Copy auditing service



I can check the consistency of your content, ensuring it adheres to your style guide and tone of voice.

Do you worry that you won’t be able to maintain a consistent tone of voice when creating copy?

Do you want your copy to reflect your charity’s brand, but you’re not sure where to begin?

As an experienced copyeditor, I will ensure that your content not only adheres to your style guide, but that it consistently reflects your charity’s brand.

I won’t alter your style or your voice, I’ll simply polish what you produce so it is clearer and more authentic.

Copy auditing service


“She doesn’t use words for the sake of it. Everything has a point and is crafted carefully……

“Geetha is simply amazing with words. Whether she has written something from scratch or edited something I have written, it is always so good and it makes me feel confident in what I am putting out there. Her attention to detail is excellent and she doesn’t use words for the sake of using it. Everything has a point and is crafted carefully. She is very quick to understand a brief and her passion shines through. An absolute pleasure to work with, a pro at what she does and a lovely human being.”




I'm Geetha, an experienced copywriter with an established track record of producing clear and convincing copy for the charitable sector. I am also a single mum to two incredible and very sporty boys, both of whom keep me on my toes! I love reading, portrait sketching and interior design. Read my back story.

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